Funding your research

Researchers working at a university of applied sciences funded by the Dutch Government may apply to Regieorgaan SIA for applied research funding.

Funding for researchers in the Netherlands

Our funding is available for researchers employed by Dutch Government funded universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

If you are employed by a research institute outside the Netherlands, you may not apply to Regieorgaan SIA for funding. However, if you are planning to work with researchers at universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands on a project funded by Regieorgaan SIA, please contact the university of applied sciences with which you plan to work.

Information on subsidies are in Dutch

Regieorgaan SIA’s subsidies are only available in the Dutch language. Both the funding details on this website, the call for proposals and application forms for the various subsidies are in Dutch.

However, you may write an application for a subsidy in English and submit it to us. Researchers located in the Netherlands who do not master the Dutch language may thus still apply for funding. The evaluation process of English language subsidy applications will be done in Dutch.

We strongly suggest that you contact the subsidy advisor at your university of applied sciences. They know the subsidies offered by Regieorgaan SIA and can help you find out about the funding and applying for funding.

Other funders of applied research

Apart from Regieorgaan SIA, there are other organisations in the Netherlands that fund universities of applied sciences’ applied research. The Dutch Research Council, of which Regieorgaan SIA is a part, also grants subsidies to universities of applied sciences.

The country’s Top Sectors (NL) and the Top Consortiums for Knowledge and Innovation (NL) grant subsidies in their areas of work (the top sectors’ umbrella website is in Dutch).

Apart from these, ZonMw (an organisation that promotes innovation in health) funds a very wide range of research into health. Similarly, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency funds a wide range of activities in various societal and economic areas, often from European funds such as Horizon 2020.

The Nuffic (the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education) also grants funds in the area of education and research in education.